Maryland State Chapter
National Wild Turkey Federation
Mentored Hunt Day 2018
April 1, 2017
On April 21st & 22nd, 2018 we held our
2018 First Annual Mentored Hunt Day
The weekend of April 21& 22 was a very exciting one for 14 new hunters.
The Maryland State Chapter
in partnership with
Maryland's DNR & The US Fish & Wildlife Service
sponsored a
Mentored Hunt
Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.

All of our hunters were chosen by random lottery from a pool of applicants, the only requirement being that they had never hunted before or could no longer hunt without assistance.

Thanks to all the mentors and other volunteers that contributed so much to make the event such a great success.
Special thanks to
Muddy Marsh, Whistling Creek and Tudor Farms/Young Life

that generously offered their time and expertise to be a part of the hunt as well.

Congratulations to our four hunters that were blessed to tag a bird!

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Many thanks to
Maryland's Department of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Police
and the many volunteers and parents

that helped make the day such a success.

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